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These are the ancestors of Paul Tracy Chambers and Raylene Marie Lucas Chambers. Their continuing mission is to seek out previously unknown ancestral ties. To boldly go where others may once have trod!!

Ancestor chart

Virginia Bain Sudduth; Helen Scott Sudduth;
Ruby Scott Chambers B. 12 Dec 1892William Walker Chambers B. 27 Jan 1858 D. 20 Feb 1926Andrew Jackson Chambers B. 08 Jan 1820 D. 26 Oct 1872Abraham B. Chambers B. 04 Jul 1768 D. 03 Jul 1841Thomas Chambers B. ABT 1731 D. 1815
Rachel Chisholm
Jane Sheridan B. 03 Jun 1802 D. 28 May 1878Martin Sheridan
Margaret White D. 1837
Elizabeth Cummins D. 25 Feb 1907William Cummins
Katie Emma Dennis B. 04 Nov 1864 D. 21 Mar 1949John Christopher Dennis B. 05 May 1840 D. 10 Oct 1918Lewis Dennis B. 15 Oct 1818 D. 22 Sep 1895Jesse Dennis B. 1788 D. 1840Samuel Dennis B. 04 May 1756 D. 30 Aug 1822
Eunice Gallup
Sarah Highfield
Malissa Scott B. 18 Oct 1811 D. 09 Jan 1879
Cynthia Ann Scott B. 06 Dec 1841 D. 09 May 1924
Roscoe Sudduth D. 24 Mar 1977Garrett Sudduth

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