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Paul and Raylene's

Roots of the Chambers Clan Paul and Raylene's Ancestral Chambers Roots of the Lucas Crew

Colors of our Heritage

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Colors of our Heritage

I am trying to find information on the following surnames:

    I have traced the Chambers line to Thomas Chambers born
in Pennsylvania around 1731.  The Tracy line has been traced
to George and Cealey Tracy who arrived in this country
around 1756 from Ireland.  The Sininger line originates from
Baden Baden, Germany according to my information.  Lucas,
Michaels and Wedding have not been researched much yet, but
they are from the Cincinnati, OH-Covington, KY-Indianapolis,
IN areas.  If you have any information on any of these names,
contact me at the address below, and I will be glad to trade
information with you!

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